Ceraplex Review

(Last Updated On: May 28, 2018)

Ceraplex Review 

Protecting Your Brain With Antioxidants

We hear a lot about antioxidants and their ability to support a range of the body’s functions, but did you know that they can affect your brain, too? By destroying damaging free radicals antioxidants can protect cells and combat ageing.

This is no different in the brain. In fact, it’s thought that the antioxidants found in antioxidant-rich nootropics can help stave of memory loss, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and dementia by keeping the brain’s cells in tip-top condition.41AA7fOrYsL

Here I take a look at Ceraplex, a nootropic by BRL that claims to prevent damage from harmful toxins and ageing in the brain thanks to its powerful antioxidant properties.

But does it work? I try to find out.

What’s in Ceraplex’s Formula?

Ceraplex contains the following ingredients to support overall brain health:

Alpha lipoic acid – an omega 3 fatty acid with renowned antioxidant properties. Promotes high levels and improves the results of other antioxidants.

Curcumin – a derivative of turmeric, this is thought to protect the brain from damaging nitric oxide particles.

Resveratrol – this is linked to fighting ageing of the brain.

Quercetin – this plant-based herbal remedy may block inflammation and support healthy brain capillaries.

Cobalamin – also known as Vitamin B12, cobalamin helps break down homocysteine in the brain to fight age-related decay. Vitamin B12 is also thought to combat neurotoxins, repair cells and rebuild damaged axons

518xmKxevELHowever, the full formula of this nootropic is not fully disclosed… the makers preferring to hide the actual quantities of each ingredient from their users..

Directions for Use

Take 2 capsules day with food

User Feedback

This product has received mixed reviews from people who have used it, and there’s some strong negative sentiment from a number of users.

Let’s start with the positive – several users who say that Ceraplex has strong effects on memory and their overall brain functioning – even when it comes to treating Alzheimer’s.

But there are a few points on the negative side, too. A number of people say they didn’t see any results at all when using this product, and others claim that the product is very expensive.

The formula is a sticking point for some users, as Ceraplex contains chemicals like dicalcium phosphate and microcrystallin cellose which aren’t publicised by the manufacturer.

Side Effects

A number of side effects are also reported by users, including feeling disorientated, severe stomach irritation and flu-like symptoms.

Where to Buy Ceraplex

You can find Ceraplex at Amazon.com, where it costs $52.95 for 60 capsules.

Cash Back Guarantees/Return Policy

Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a money-back satisfaction guarantee offered with this product.

My Thoughts

In my opinion – This is rather weakly formulated.

\There are some known antioxidants in the mix that can have a beneficial effect on brain health.. especially cellular damage caused by free radicals.

The problem is that I simply do not know how much of any of the key ingredients is in the mix, and with the total blend amounting to 1507mg combined. Split between 7 ingredients, you can be sure that theres not a lot of anything…….

Could Offer Some Benefits To Some Users, But There Are Far Better Products Out There That Also Offer Cash Back Guarantees…Something Lacking From This One..

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