Can Iodine Really Boost Memory

Can Iodine Really Boost Memory

Iodine is an essential mineral that is commonly found in both seaweed (such as Kelp and Wakame) and sea foods including fish such as , Cod, Haddock, Herring, Tuna, Mackerel, Salmon and Plaice…. It can also be found (to lesser degrees) in Milk, Brazil Nuts, Pork, Beef and Frankfurters.  Salt is also is also high in IodineIMG_9320-web

Iodine is an essential mineral usually associated with the thyroid gland… it is thought that it has a role in cognitive development..supplementation can be beneficial especially in children with mild iodine deficiency..

In the US and Canada, the Amaerican Thyroid Association recommends a daily supplementation of 150μg to lactating women…

Iodine is very important in certain stages of a childs brain development, it is thought that it influences a process known as myelination, which has a direct effect on neurotransmission.

There are a couple of studies that have looked into the effect of Iodine supplementation on children:

Study 1 –

Study 2 – 

Iodine deficiency affects over 2 billion people worldwide, yet it is actually one of the easiest forms of brain deficiency to treat…

Top 10 Foods Containing Iodine_1The Effects Of Iodine

When taken either in supplement form or in our diet, the thyroid gland traps the iodine from our blood and uses it to incorporate it into several hormones…. Two of the hormones are known as T3 and T4.. these help to regulate a number of physiological processes that include growth, metabolism and development.. by targeting organs such as the brain and liver they can regulate gene expression, helping to control the effects of toxins and protecting the brain cells from the effects of said toxins..

It is also a great tonic to the immune system as a whole.

Recommended Doses Of Iodine

The FDA recommend that an otherwise healthy adult shouldn’t take any more than 150mcg per day… pregnant and nursing mothers can take slightly more at around 200-220mcg daily

Side Effects Of Iodine

Iodine is considered very safe to take as long as you keep within recommended daily doses.. it can however, prove lethal when taken at over 2g per day…. there are a few reports of mild stomach upsets and rashes, but these are considered to be rare.

If your diet already contains enough iodine, then you may not find many benefits from including it in your daily supplementation, but if you (or your unborn child) are at risk of being iodine deficient, it certainly offers some mild benefits, and can actually have some noticeable effects on mental performance and agility…

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