BrainPlus IQ Nootropic Review

(Last Updated On: April 21, 2019)

BrainPlus IQ Nootropic Review

BrainPlus IQ is a natural nootropic supplement produced by Biotrim Labs.. the makers make a big noise about how it can help users by:

  • Intensifying Focus
  • Improving Mental Clarity
  • Boosting Cognitive Function..

They claim that their product is the “most advanced and effective cerebral

enhancement complex in the world”.. and that taking BrainPlus IQ is the fastest way to increase your daily mental energy levels, helping to boost focus, and concentration..


The makers make some quite impressive claims on their website… as an example they claim that clinical trials showed that Brainplus IQ boosted brain power by 89.2% and focus by 121%

Whats In BrainPlus IQ

The makers do not clearly advertise whats actually in their product ( which always worries me) but I discovered the manufacturers (Biotrim labs) official website that tells us that it contains undisclosed amounts of the following:

•Ginkgoxine 1

•Ginkgo Biloba (as 24% extract)

•St. John’s Wart

•Acetyl-L Carnitine


•Phosphatidylserine Complex

•Bacopa Monnier

•Dimethylaminoethanol Bitartrate


Taking BrainPlus IQ

The suggested daily serving is 1 capsule daily…. you can increase this to 2 per day if you feel the need, but this should not be exceeded

Users Feedback

I could find nothing that appeared legitimate and independent… just lots of (in my opinion) over hyped (possibly bogus) media reports and poor quality video and written testimonials..

Quite frankly, there is nothing out there that would encourage me to buy this product..

Any Side Effects

With the lack of independent reviews, quite frankly I have no real way of knowing…There isn’t too much in the formula to really concern me… but women in particular should take medical advice before taking as I understand St Johns Wort can have side effects for some users and as an example can play havoc with the effectiveness of the birth control pill

Where To Buy BrainPlus IQ

You can buy direct from the official website as well as the official Biotrim labs website… a bottle contain 60 capsules is currently on sale for $54.95 plus shipping.. (which amounts up to 15% of the purchase price, depending on location)

Any Cash Back Guarantees?

The makers do offer a 30 day cash back guarantee.. but this only applies to unopened packs, and you have to pay the return postage to an address in Singapore

If you have opened and tried the product then you will not get your money back…

My Thoughts

Unsubstantiated Claims and Testimonials

Without being downright rude I cannot remember the last time i saw such an over-hyped load of rubbish… this product is weakly formulated at best and to be honest If this was my only option, I would greet the demise of my cognitive function with open arms..

Don’t Waste Your Money… There are far better products out there and I strongly suggest that you don’t give this one a second thought….

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