AdreCor Review

(Last Updated On: May 28, 2018)

AdreCor Review

Natural Support For Adrenal Gland Function

AdreCor by Neuroscience is an all-emcompassing brain supplement that helps to support normal and healthy adrenal gland function.619vaAutMaL._SY355_Especially designed for those suffering from anxiety and stress, lethargy and lack of energy, it contains a potent mix of natural vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids to help restore normal adrenal function and relieve the symptoms of low energy and fatigue.

Ideal for anyone looking for a natural pick me up, when taken daily, AdreCor can help to increase the synthesis of the feel good hormones cortisol, epinephrine and norepinephrine for increased energy, elevated mood and reduced feelings of anxiety.

AdreCor Benefits 

  • Totally Natural And Does Not Contain Any Artificial Hormones
  • Helps To Reduce Stress Levels
  • Naturally Boosts Energy
  • Fights Fatigue
  • Promotes Healthy Production Of Adrenal Hormones


AdreCor Formula

AdreCor contains a rich supply of essential B vitamins that are crucial for healthy production of adrenal hormones to tackle stress and fatigue. Suitable for vegetarians, the powerful formula is based on plant based and mineral sources, it helps the body to produce more of its own neurotransmitters and hormones naturally.

Its primary ingredients consist of low dose Rhodiola Rosea extract. This helps to eliminate stress and relieve tiredness.

adrecor_supp_facts(EGCG) Epigallocatechin which blocks the enzyme COMT to support and increase levels of catecholamine.

These are joined by Vitamin B and C to support and maintain normal adrenal gland function and cortisol production, along with a mix of amino acids, zinc and magnesium.

User Reviews – Is Adrecor Safe?

AdreCor has its fair share of positive reviews, many users report feeling full of energy and improved focus however, other users have reported some serious side effects that include;

  • Increased Blood Pressure 
  • Headaches
  • Irregular Blood Sugar Levels
  • Dizziness
  • Insomnia

And one user even reported being in a hyper-adrenal state, having too much energy.

The problem with this product is that while it gives a very potent energy boost and stimulates the adrenal glands to release hormones very quickly and effectively which can result in overstimulation.

These effects will eventually, wear off leading to a very sudden ‘crash’ which can lead to a range of side effects. 

It certainly works and for many, is a real life saver, particuarly with those suffering from extreme fatigue, but despite the natural formulation, its clearly not suitable for everyone – Individuals that are particularly sensitive should probably give it a miss.

How To Take AdreCor 

The manufacturers recommend that 1-3 capsules are taken once to twice a day. No more than 10 capsules should be taken in 24 hours.

Where To Buy AdreCor

AdreCor can be purchased online worldwide, either from the manufacturers or from a number of other online retailers.

Prices vary between $34.00 to $64.00 and shipping is usually free depending on where you purchase AdreCor from.

Any Guarantees

There are no guarantees offered.

My Thoughts

Despite the few positive reviews, there is (in my opinion)nothing in the formula that excites us… the manufacturers have apparently avoided many of the clinically proven nootropic ingredients and to be honest, I feel that Adrecor is a weak, and potentially ineffective supplement, that while it it could offer some slight benefits to a few users, I believe that most will find it lacking in any long term benefits.

Quite Frankly, There Are Better Products Out There….


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