Adrafinil Review

(Last Updated On: September 19, 2015)

Adrafinil Powder Review 

It’s Time To Kick Tiredness Out Of Bed!

Adrafinil is historically renowned for its ability to stimulate wakefulness, making it a popular choice for those who find themselves struggling to stay awake. Today the supplement is recognised as a powerful yet user-friendly booster that helps the body fight fatigue effectively without any side effects, jitters or 10_230crashes associated with more stimulant-rich supplements.

Powder City’s Adrafinil promises not only to improve energy but support strong mental focus, memory and concentration levels. The supplement claims incremental results over a number of months by stimulating the brain’s L-adrenergic receptors – let’s see if it stacks up.

What’s in Adrafinil’s Formula?

Powder City pits 300mg of Adrafinil into each serving.

adrafinil-5g_grandeDirections for Use

Adrafinil should be taken first thing in the morning as it has highly stimulating properties. A typical dose is 300mg, but this can be tweaked depending on how your body reacts to the supplement.

User Feedback

The majority of feedback around this nootropic is good. Scores of users claim they’ve experienced impressive results when taking this product – increased wakefulness and the ability to get through the day more easily are cited by many users. Strong, sustained energy is listed as a major selling point, and users agree that using Adrafinil doesn’t lead to the dreaded crash effect. In fact, it users claim that they don’t experience any unpleasant side effects when using this. Improved focus and resistance to pain are also mentioned by numerous users.

Not every user is 100% sold on Adrafinil, though. Some say that the product could be stronger, while others say it takes too long to get to work, which limits its impact. The sour taste is also unpopular amongst many users, too.

Where to Buy Adrafinil

Powder City’s Adrafinil can be purchased from, where 50g costs around $75.00

Cash Back Guarantees/Return Policy

Powder City offers a 90-day, no quibble 100% satisfaction guarantee on its products, so if you’re not happy with Adrafinil, you know what to do!

My Thoughts

With a simple pro-drug formula, and the strange fact that powder city do not even show an image of their product on their website concerns me… in fact try finding an image of their product anywhere… I couldn’t…

Adrafinil itself is unproven and has not been approved by the FDA.. it is currently on the banned substance list of the world doping agency and cannot be used by anybody in competition where there are drug tests and restrictions..

More About Adrafinil

I like to know what I am buying and more importantly what I am taking…. with this one, you don’t really know anything about it at all…. NOT FOR ME!

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