10 Ways To Achieve More Everyday

(Last Updated On: April 25, 2016)

10 Ways To Achieve More Everyday

Let’s face it – life is busy. In between work, travelling, family, friends and partners, housework ad everything in between, it can feel impossible to get through everything we need to in the day – let alone have any time just to ‘be’!

Here are my 10 ways to help you get more out of your day.

Prepare to charge through those tasks!

Work Out First Thing!

morningIt’s pretty much universally agreed that getting moving first thing in the morning comes with a stack of benefits, including the release of endorphins so you’ll feel great for the rest of the day and an energy rush that will keep you going no matter how busy your day is.

Get Organised

Plan your day! While spontaneity is all well and good, having a concrete idea of which tasks need to be completed today and which can be left until tomorrow means you can focus on what matters – and exactly what you should be doing next.

Use Your Time Wisely

More productive in the mornings? Then get up that extra hour earlier and make a start on the day’s jobs. Or maybe you’re a post-lunch lull kind of person or more of a night owl – get used to how you work throughout the day and make it work for you.

Avoid Distractions

Whether excessive checking of emails throughout the day, succumbing to social1abb8b0 media, sneaking in a game on your smartphone or automatically switching on the TV when you return home – banish these little distractions and you’ll be amazed how time seems to magically reappear.

Stop Multitasking

Once the bastion of the productive, it’s now commonly thought the multitasking is actually a red light for productivity. After all, if a job needs doing properly, it requires our undivided time and attention. So one thing at a time, please.

Sometimes Say “No”

How much time do you spend every day doing things to please others, when really you don’t have to? There’s nothing wrong with sometimes offering a polite “no”, leaving you to focus on what’s really important.

Stop Procrastinating

Got a job that you really don’t want to do? Don’t let it stew – you’ll either never get round to it or it will become vast and unconquerable, when it needn’t be. Similarly, if a problem arises, get it dealt with straight away instead of putting it off – it’ll save you heaps of time in the long-term.

Put Stuff Away

desk640It may sound silly, but how much time in an average day to you spend looking for your car keys, mobile phone, sunglasses, the kids’ homework… you get the picture. Put stuff away, in a place you’re going to remember, and revel in the time you’ll save getting stressed out.

Be Kind To Yourself

No-one’s perfect, so stop trying to be super human. It’s okay if you don’t manage to check of every item on your to-do list every single day – chances are if you’re prioritising your jobs, the world isn’t going to end if you don’t get round to every last task. So give yourself a break.

Try A Natural Nootropic Supplement

I have saved the most important tip until last – getting the maximum out of your day hinges on how geared up your mind is to tackle the day’s tasks. Natural Nootropic supplements are a safe, easy way to ensure that your brain is functioning at its peak, 24/7, and work by influencing a range of important neurotransmitters in the brain to impact how we react to certain situations.

With a range of choices on offer supporting everything from overall brain health and functioning to concentration, motivation, mood, creativity, clarity of thought and brain energy, nootropics are a powerful way to give your brain the extra edge it needs to charge through tasks with ease.

Why not give nootropics a try as a guaranteed way to get more done, everyday?

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